A Big Step for Yucatan

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The train is one of the human’s best creations, it boosted the growth and progress exponentially, indeed it’s the breaking point between modern and contemporary ages. But what’s so fascinating about the train? Well it’s not the train itself, it’s what it means to a nation or an area. The train is communication and connection, which are the basis of globalization and progress.

Think of Cancun, it’s a 50 year old región in Mexico, it’s very recent, and in some-way it lacks from connection and communication, hence the airport or train debate. The Mayan Train is a crucial step in Mexico’s history, concretely Yucatan. Factually, there are only a total of 10 main highways in the peninsula, we are talking about 10 roads for a 181.000 km2 terrain. The benefits such as dynamism, communication and efficiency provided by the Mayan Train are undeniable.

Yucatan is a curious case. It’s a huge terrain, recent and full of opportunities, but it’s a complicated even unaccessible area. Despite some environmental issues that still remain under study to minor its aftermaths, the Mayan Train will provide efficiency, dynamism and progress both in a business and life standards levels, unleashing a collection of possibilities and opportunities. The train supose an asset for Mexico, and specially Yucatan, from an economic and social viewpoint.

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